K21 CEO Another project....(PICTURES RE-INSERTED)

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Re: K21 CEO Another project....

Post by newxmman » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:14 am

Hi, is it Paul? Can't open the photos, I can see you did a lot of work and I can see it on the car and your intervention in it has made it as good as she is. It ended up in Chatteris and now it's in Great Yarmouth. Don't know if you know who had it over the last 3 years or so but it's been neglected, no offence if it it belonged to a 'fan'. Can I tell you what's wrong? Advice accepted. It looks as though things went wrong again and were left for some time. Agree with your views on the engine and box however things have slipped there too. The engine smokes white, think it's smoke and not steam, on start up and at 2000 revs and at other times but worse on start up getting better. It's 'missing' even at operating temp, not greatly but it's there. I've checked all I can before the 'engine man' comes in but there was a water pump and timing chain fitted a year ago and it may be the timing is out and it has sat for some time, very low miles done over last 6 years. Possibly Turbo seals or injection but the engine still goes well on the road and the box, I like it but it's not right. A lot of the things you mention, interior lights, dash all over the place, speedo not working probably milometre not either which is why it still says 138,000. Heater doesn't work on cold and air con doesn't work. Carpet drenched, heater matrix we think, think I've stopped that leak now, checked all the small things for white smoke and put fresh Anti-freeze and oil in. Haven't checked the fan yet! But it doesn't overheat standing or on a journey. Radio been ripped out and dash taken to pieces presumably to look at the wiring. Spheres need replacing and new fluid and bleed. Bit of welding needs doing under cills on driver's side but not a lot more it seems. Looks like someone got fed up with it. Couple of dents on body but nothing bad. Drivers window doesn't work neither passenger offside, the others are acceptable. Rear washer leaks in car. Interior mists and won't clear, probably moisture on carpets. Interior and Exterior will look much better with a clean. Inside locks, knobs missing driver's window switch on the floor! Obviously didn't work. Suspension lever siezed at normal level. There is a lot to do and it won't be done quickly, but I'm already enjoying messing about and hey! It's an XM! As you said if it were something else maybe not a Xantia! You wouldn't bother but I've wanted one for ages and there are very few of them now.

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Re: K21 CEO Another project....

Post by citroenxm » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:48 pm

Yes this is Paul... Ill be going through these blogs re inserting my pictures best I can..

Sounds like a lot has gone wrong for her again since she was here. Windows worked.. Air con worked and was ice cold too.. Could well of just lost the gas ... Sunroofs are another big water leak area, not just the drain tubes but more the seal around the glass panel..

I look forward to following on the progress..
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