First Time Home

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First Time Home

Post by Saraphi » Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:43 am

Quick recap - I found my XM on a Thailand Website in February, it was located in Bangkok, I saw lots of photos, Jimmy -my Thai mechanic buddy sent his contact to look at it, he reported some problems but generally OK. We knocked 20% off the price and bought it unseen. It was delivered by trailer to his workshop about a week later, running but a little rough. This sort of reported in previous posts.
The last few months have been spent sorting out the niggles, with a lot of help from you guys (give yourselves a pat on the back) and acquiring the parts necessary to bring things up to snuff. At this point I should say that it was this website, and in particular John M – without whom I would have been hopelessly lost, that enabled me to do this. In Thailand Citroens are rare, XM amongst the rarest, and parts almost impossible to find. So I see the UK as a cornucopia of XM riches!
The car is not yet finished, still a work in progress, but a deemed it good enough to bring it home to my sternest critic (Mrs B who must be obeyed). Please have a look and see where we’ve got to……………
On the drive, 7am Sunday morning taken looking towards the East Gate, partnering with my ZX.
IMG_20190714_085003 (Medium).jpg
It’s usual when photographing in the garden for a dog or two to include themselves. The red stripes and wheel nut covers are to hide rust (nuts), cracks and discolouration (plastic covering on metal strips) and as a side issue to match the ZX. Best I can do in the circumstances. I invite comments – for or against.
IMG_20190714_085039 (Medium).jpg
The Front end had sustained damage and lost the tow eye covers so repair and respray the front end was the solution, fortunately the fog, turn signal units were working.
IMG_20190714_085128 (Medium).jpg
We have a mix and match car here, some parts were/are from S1 cars – including the door cards. The S1 cards did not fit well to the S2 dash so Guru John sorted a pair from an S2 for me and shipped them over along with lots of other bits (see next photo) in an incredible feat of packing. The leather inserts from the original cards were harvested by my usual upholstery guy and refitted into the replacements – it’s worked well.
IMG_20190714_085153 (Medium).jpg
Finally, another piece of cunning work from Jimmy. We had a badly cracked Face Plate (John M to the rescue again) so prior to receipt Jimmy opened up the dash, checked all the wiring and prepared for a new face Plate as well as a Clock Unit. Then he put it all back together and everything works!
IMG_20190714_085201 (Medium).jpg
Prep work is ongoing - in 10 days I'm taking the car on an 800-1000 k recce to The ancient temples of Sukhothai - a trip in planning for the Classic Cars of Lanna group in October.
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Re: First Time Home

Post by Dieselman » Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:57 am

That's looking pretty good.
For the silver side strips you could try sanding them smooth and applying mirror chrome vinyl.

John is an absolute star at providing parts from his stash. Many projects would have ground to a halt without his assistance.
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