Citroen Service Box - Charges

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Citroen Service Box - Charges

Post by Assich » Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:39 am

I just went into Citroen Service box which I use from time to time to look for part numbers etc. It is now saying a subscription payment is required even for looking at the parts diagrams! Text from page that pops up......

Subscription brand
Purchase Technical Documentation Subscription
Select a subscription for access to chargeable documents:

One hour subscription
7.00 EUR HT

One day subscription (24 hours)
26.00 EUR HT

One week subscription (7 days)
110.00 EUR HT

1-month (30-day) Subscription
320.00 EUR HT

1-year (365-day) Subscription
2200.00 EUR HT

Purchase spare parts catalog subscription
Select a subscription for access to chargeable documents:

One hour subscription For Spare Parts
5.00 EUR HT

One day subscription (24 hours) for Spare Parts
15.00 EUR HT

One week subscription (7 days) for Spare Parts
30.00 EUR HT

1-month (30-day) Subscription for Spare Parts
50.00 EUR HT

1-year (365-day) Subscription for Spare Parts
150.00 EUR HT

PLEASE NOTE: each subscription corresponds to the period of time for which you have unlimited access (it does not refer to a connection time)
The start date of your subscription will run from the first time you consult one of the site’s chargeable areas.
For example: You take out a 6-hour subscription today. If you access the site for the first time tomorrow at 09.00, your subscription will be valid until tomorrow at 15.00 (local time).
After confirmation, you will be redirected to a secure payment site (payment by debit/credit card).
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Re: Citroen Service Box - Charges

Post by White Exec » Thu Mar 19, 2020 12:16 pm

This also came as a bit of a shock to us on FCF, with Parts access now being charged at €150 per marque per annum, for frequent users (such as forum staff). Details there about how we are dealing with this.

For individual owners/repairers, the choice is the Parts access tariffs listed above (and on the site). Grim news.
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Re: Citroen Service Box - Charges

Post by xmexclusive » Thu Mar 19, 2020 12:22 pm

Predicted a few years ago as likely to happen.
Expect the legal "Cease & desist copyright notices" to those who set up public methods to supply information
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