New member - barn find S1 Auto

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Re: New member - barn find S1 Auto

Post by citroenxm » Thu Mar 19, 2020 6:35 am

Ohh yes.. They aren't too bad. The large end has a reenforced end lip that is tight over the joint.. I use a screw driver to lever it away a bit at a time. Once off yes it will slide off..
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Re: New member - barn find S1 Auto

Post by xmexclusive » Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:49 am

Double check the diameter of the small hole in your new cap against the diameter of the actual track rod.
Later XM's used a larger diameter track rod but common end fittings.
They do sometimes get swapped which can cause problems.

You may already know this but worth repeating as it saves resetting steering alignment.
Note the spanner flats on the inner end of the track rod (can be seen in your photo).
Loosen the track rod end nut then return to original position.
Mark a nut flat and the rod with a position paint or scribe mark.
Now using a spanner on those inner track rod flats unscrew the rod.
This will wind the track rod end right out of the track rod.
You can now replace that end cap.
Screw the end back onto the track rod until touching the nut, then nip the nut up tight.
Go hard with a wire brush to clean up the track rod before you start any of this work.

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