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Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:24 pm
by ul9601
First time owner - admittedly it's not planned to be a long term ownership, it's something that'll get me to and from work until I find something sensible. After owning a C6, sensible is what I need. But in the mean time, I'm going to (hopefully) enjoy another big Cit ownership experience.
It's a 1991 carbureted 2 litre petrol, no A/C, manual, front powered window that doesn't work properly, sunroof that doesn't work, central locking that doesn't work properly, engine that doesn't like to start after first couple of goes, carb that smells, glove box that doesn't stay open, windscreen washer that doesn't work, well you get the idea... Anyway, I'll try to fix as much as I can while I have it.

Re: Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:35 am
by White Exec
Hi Sam, and welcome.
Well - an honest assessment! 2.0 carb is a rare beast, and not one sold in the UK iirc. The ORGA/RP number is the four digit number painted on the A-post, between the hinges of the front LH door.
If you can, it'd be good to see a photo or two, not least of the engine bay.
Whete are you based, by the way? And how did you get on with the C6?

Re: Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:10 am
by ul9601
Forgot to mention that the car "looks" tired as well, so prepare to be disappointed...
It really should be a running project car but it won't be as I have no space or time. So far, I'm warming to it but I need to sort out starting issue and petrol smell, else this honeymoon is going to end fairly quickly.

The only thing I like about it over C6 is its slightly more comfy ride - other than that I do miss the creature comforts of C6 (especially so in this humid summer weather - I'm in Auckland NZ), as well as its good looks. But it was a rather expensive exercise, in terms of keeping it running. Would have been an ideal second car - well, it was a non-running second car when it broke down on numerous occasions. GSA was forced into daily service but then I wouldn't consider GSA as a genuine daily driver either - so that wasn't all enjoyable as occasionally both of them broke down at the same time...

By the way I have a digital presence in FCF also, I'm known as sonoramicommando there - in fact, you sent me over here regarding the central locking issue...

I'll try to get some photos up when I have some free time.
Interesting you mentioned that UK never got 2.0 carb but I believe this was imported from UK in 1994 according to registration information (one giveaway is it has mph speedo). My next question was going to be whether my XM has Hydractive suspension as 1991 XM UK technical spec brochure (from states that it has hydraulic suspension and Hydractive as an option. Given the car is full on poverty pack, I would have guessed it doesn't have Hydractive but there is auto/sport switch so I must be wrong.

Re: Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:34 am
by White Exec
If you can post up (or PM me) your VIN number, we can check the full ex-factory spec for the car.

Re: Hiya - a new guy hereHi

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:06 pm
by White Exec
Hi Sam,

Thanks for the VIN number.
Citroen Parts lists the factory fitment of the vehicle as per attachment.

Your RP/ORGA No. is 5180, making the manufacture date 14 January 1991.
Details in the various sections are a bit sparse (or non-existent) for Series 1 XMs, particularly for early cars.

The car is Hydractive - "Hydractive 1" in this case. HA2 began RP5929 (1 Feb 93).
A good explanation of the differences between HA1 and HA2 is described here, if you haven't read it already: ... ical-guide
Also describes the later HA3 and 3+, which went on to C6.

Hope useful,

Re: Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:08 pm
by Dieselman
iirc. Carb engined UKcars were only very early XM. 115BHp isnt really enough.

The carbs are generally reliable but do suffer from leaking vacuum pipes and blocked fine air passages. Also check for any vacuum leak. I suspect a vac leak which someone has compensated for by richening the mixture.
As the engine warms the mixture becomes too rich.

Re: Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:19 pm
Yes the carb option was only available on early UK XM and they are a very rare beast. I have never seen one in the flesh, but I believe there are at least a couple still around here. I hope you get the running issue sorted and it is certainly worth persevering. With regards, Matthew T.

Re: Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:36 pm
by ul9601
Thanks guys - I thought 2L carb on a big car like XM would be pretty gutless but it surprisingly goes well.
I'm guessing these carbs have all the emission control stuff that goes wrong after years of service - I hate those!
I had a brief look at the Haynes manual but it doesn't seem to cover carb'd fuel system, which leaves me in a bit of a predicament...

That cofig list is very short and sweet! (Not like the one I ve for the C6, which is a few pages long, lol)
Slightly confused with the stated fuel requirement - it says 97RON then 91/92RON???
Also, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have A/C despite the sheet saying its has single A/C.
Anyway I'll go away and take some photos later for you.

Re: Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:15 am
by ul9601
Ok, one (very minor) problem sorted - hatch central locking connector was merely disconnected. Why would anyone do that???
The microswitch connected to the lock barrel does not close properly even with the lever is fully turned to one way. I think I might have to make a discreet toggle switch on the hatch trim to allow hatch power lock/unlock feature to be disabled, as the hatch lock doesn't work AT ALL.
Passenger side lock works 90% of time, with the "correct" technique, driver's side 5% success rate.

Re: Hiya - a new guy here

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:30 am
by xmexclusive
Rear hatch lock should have 3 positions.
Work as part of central locking, permanent lock and key release.
Unplugging the solenoid driver is a routine quick fix if the central locking side keeps unlocking when it should stay locked.

Door lock barrels regularly play up, drivers door usually due to much more frequent use.
It is often due to lack of lubrication rather than wear.
Spinning door locks are a sign of either that lack of lubrication or wrong key.
If the lock works at least once or more it is a lubrication problem.
Wrong key for lock will always spin every time or refuse to turn every time.
Spin or refuse just depends on which of the key indents are wrong for the lock.

Drivers and passenger door locks are handed so swapping will just generate new problems.