Hey from Estonia!

New to the forum? Feel free to introduce yourself / your cars. Also have a look for any frequently asked questions and information.
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Hey from Estonia!

Post by Ingmarj2rve » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:10 pm


Im new to this forum and also to the XM world. I've had my XM for about a year now and never had a car this nice before. Its in pretty good condition. S2 Y4CZ petrol 2.0 16V 97kw, lefthand drive, manual. 1998 year. RP 7931. Im located in Estonia.

It does have a few kinks i need to work on. Atm im struggeling with the front fog lights to work. Suspecting an issue with the front fogs #806 relay but not sure yet.

Back doors dont want to close with the electric locking, need to push down the buttons manually. Rarely the left back door button does go down with the electric motor. And the window winding systems have an issue. Right one i cant wind at all, its really stiff and wont come down, havnt opened the door up yet to fix it. Similar thing with the left. It moves down abit but not much.

What is the most worrying is that my back end seems to jump from time to time. If im going over a bump in the road it almost has a small delay when the wheels suck in and push out. Need to get that sorted out next.

Other than that everything is in pretty good order. I have a few cosmetic issues to iron out, some dents in the doors and a scratch on the bonnet. Also would like to switch out the original speakers since they have started to crack on the low sounds.

Anyways, happy to join and see that the XM community is alive and really helpful :)
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Re: Hey from Estonia!

Post by Dieselman » Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:36 am

That looks in good condition and someone has invested in those wheel trims and, it appears, new chrome rubbing strip trims.

Window mechanisms on S2 (Y4) Xm are often faulty due to the drive wires snapping. Sometimes the glass has been propped with wood to stop it dropping.

Lock motors can fail. Replacement motors are available.
I believe they are the same as discussed in the below thread, but member "white exec" might confirm.
http://www.club-xm.co.uk/forum/viewtopi ... or#p118203

I appreciate your photos were taken with the engine off, but your car looks to be riding high at the front.
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Re: Hey from Estonia!

Post by Woodie » Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:49 pm

Nice.... Loving the moon disks

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Re: Hey from Estonia!

Post by White Exec » Fri Sep 18, 2020 7:13 am

Looks like speed, even when parked!
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