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Can find the S1 radio
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PRV V6 auto LHD 6751


Post by DerekB » Sat Jun 02, 2018 12:21 pm

What do people think of this?
https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C997528" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Two problems are described:
needs two new rear suspension spheres and there is a leak from the steering rack.

Now a hard ride at the back might not be spheres, it might a hydractive system stuck in sport, but I imagine it's diagnosable using helpful expertise on here.

What I don't have any knowledge of is the importance of a leak from a diravi steering rack. Might it be a leak from a low pressure return pipe or gaiter, or might it be a serious matter requiring refurbishment or replacement of the rack? Anyone got any expertise to share?
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Re: LHD V6

Post by Dieselman » Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:52 pm

At the price it's not worth worrying about. The worst case is the rack needs refurbishing with new seals.

Be aware this is the PRV engine, not the later Es9.

If you want an S2 car and are happy enough with LHD, then it should be a good buy as it is unlikely to have any rust, has no sunroof and is white.
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Re: LHD V6

Post by Dean » Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:38 pm

If it were me going for it I would budget for a rebuild of the steering system, if you are not doing it yourself I would speak to Plaiedes and see what sort of figure they put on it. You may be surprised when you get the car and find it is only a minor issue but as I'm sure you can imagine it may not.
Looks like a nice car for the money and not an opportunity that surfaces that often in the UK.

Good luck if you go for it.

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Re: LHD V6

Post by White Exec » Sat Jun 02, 2018 3:19 pm

No sunroof, a manual box, maybe not rusty, white (so no lacquer)... Could be rather good, especially at that price.
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