My 4th XM

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My 4th XM

Postby TearsforSpheres » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:44 pm

Hi all...I have already posted a couple of times on here so about time i introduced myself.

I’ve just bought my 4th XM, a 1998 TCT much like my first one. I’ve only driven petrol Xm’s and the TCT is my favourite because of it’s - well - torque.

Decided on a whim to buy one now before they disappear. It’s in pretty good nick. 120k on the clock, all electrics working. Just had spark plugs changed and clutch adjusted, corner spheres about to be replaced.

I’ve polished up the bodywork but the trim and bumpers are faded and the chrome effect inserts tarnished. Has anyone experimented with black bumper paint?


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