Recently re entered the Citroen fold - not XM sadly

Selling off one (or bits :o) of your XM collection, or perhaps searching for those elusive headlight washer covers? This is the place to do it.
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Recently re entered the Citroen fold - not XM sadly

Post by Peter.N. » Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:03 am

Hi folks

Thought you might be interested in my latest acquisition (or maybe not) its a C5 X7 estate which has taken me completely by surprise, after 25 years or so of driving hydropnumatics I have one with steel springs!

Having been somewhat disappointed with the first C5 offerings I hadn't given them a second thought, the late ones were far to expensive anyway. I saw this 2.0. Hdi for sale in Exeter, not to far away from me, I thought I would just like to drive it out of interest, I did and was completely blown away, although it doesn't handle large undulations as well as the hydro the ride over small bumps is better! and its sooo quiet and well built (well relatively).

Everything I have looked at or researched has a ride which is at least uncomfortable if not spine shattering, I had a Merc 220 briefly and for a luxury car it should be ashamed of itself, I changed the 16" wheels for 15" which did improve it but no way could I say it gave a comfortable ride and it wasn't even particularly quiet. It was well made though, I will give it that, also the diesel has loads of low down torque, would pull away without any throttle, I keep stalling the C5. :oops:

I don't think its going to be all that reliable, it already needs a steering rack but if that's the price I have to pay for comfort, so be it. Very good on fuel too, averaged just under 60 mpg for the first tank - but that's the way I drive, not a normal person.

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